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I will be joining the National Pancreas Foundation for PancreasBowl to raise money for cutting-edge research for those suffering from pancreas disease.

The NPF is the only foundation dedicated to patients who are suffering from all forms of pancreas disease – pediatric pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.

Every week I listen to heart-aching stories from patients and caregivers who reach out to the NPF as a resource for information and education. Working for the NPF I have seen how we help those that are suffering and I want to raise money for research dollars (we've given over 4 million to fund 121 grants) but also continue to provide hope and support for those that have pancreas disease.

How can you help? BUY A PIN!
Please consider donating $10 to "buy" a pin to help raise much-needed funds for pancreas research and to keep our patient programs going. Thank you!


About This Event

PancreasBowl is the National Pancreas Foundation’s signature national fundraiser. Patients, family members, caregivers, and medical professionals across America come together to have fun and raise money to support the National Pancreas Foundation. Fundraising teams collect donations and then celebrate their success by attending a local bowling party.

Bowling events will be held in cities throughout the United States between October and November 2021. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your team today! Partnering with the NPF through PancreasBowl has a positive, long-lasting impact on helping patients and one day finding a cure for pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis.

PancreasBowl is a fun and easy way to positively impact someone’s life afflicted with pancreas disease (pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis). Just follow the simple steps below:
1) Please contact David Bakelman at to coordinate a bowling date and center in your local community.  
2) Start a team – Teams are formed with five or six members. Consider creating a team with family, friends, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, or co-workers.
3) Start fundraising – We require a minimum donation of $100 or $150 for a family of four.
4) Start bowling – Once you reach your goal, it’s time to have fun! You’ll receive two free games of bowling (shoe and ball rental included) and a complimentary PancreasBowl t-shirt!
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